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Announcement Archive

August 14: Lecture 27 is now posted; while recording the exam 3 discussion, I found a small mistake on problem #5. The exam and solution set have been fixed.

August 14: Exam 3 solutions are now available. Good luck in CS473!

August 4: Exam 3 is now available.

August 2: Exam 2 solutions are now available. Exam 3 will be released tomorrow, August 3; it is due August 10. Because we are running up against the end of the summer session, I will not be able to extend this deadline even if there are technical problems with the website; please start early.

July 30: Due to a server failure, the CSTBC website was unavailable yesterday. (It is currently back up.) As a result, I'm extending the Exam 2 deadline by one day, until Tuesday 11:59pm. Our Exam 2 discussion lecture will move to Lecture 23, to be recorded Thursday.

July 20: Exam 2 is now available.

June 26: Exam 1 solutions are now available. These solutions may be updated with further explanations or clarifications as I grade the exams.

June 21: Exam 1 is now available in formats you can edit: .lyx, .tex, and .txt.

June 20: A list of Exam 1 Questions is now available.

June 17: Exam 1 has been updated to include a practice problem from lecture 2 and an exercise from lecture 6. The other problems are unchanged.

June 15: Exam 1 is now available. It is due June 25. Please email your solutions to me as an attached PDF file.

June 8: Starting with Lecture 4, lectures will be posted on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

June 4: First lecture is now available.

May 23: Welcome to the CS Theory Bridge Course! Classes begin June 4. More details to come.