Yanting Liang




  Contact Information:


    Office:       (304) 293-2011 ext. 2317
    Fax:       (304) 293-3982
    Email:       lyt814@math.wvu.edu







Aug. 2006-                     Ph.D. in Discrete Mathematics, West Virginia University

                                       Thesis: The eulerian subgraph problem in graphs

Sept. 2003-July 2006     Master of Science in Control Theory and Operational Research, South China Normal University

                                       Thesis: Multi-g base index of anti-symmetric matrices

Sept. 1999-July 2003     Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,

                                        minor in Computer Science, South China Normal University



Fall 2009               Math 156 (Calculus II)

Spring 2009          Math 156 (Calculus II)

Fall 2008               Math 156 (Calculus II)

Fall 2007               Math 155 (Calculus I)

Research Interests:
  • GraphTheory
    Line graphs, Supereulerian graphs, Hamiltonian graphs, Mod (2p + 1)-orientations

  • Combinatorial Matrix Theory
    Index of (0, 1)-matrices, Index of sign pattern matrices

  • Applied Mathematics
    Biologically inspired control of multirobot systems

  1. Semi-regular harmonic graph and equi-bipartite harmonic graph (with B. Liu), Ars Combinatorica, 93 (2009), 51-63.

  2. Multi-g base index of primitive anti-symmetric sign pattern matrices (with B. Liu and H.-J. Lai), Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 57 (2009), 535-546.

  3. On s-hamiltonian-connected line graphs (with H.-J. Lai and Y. Shao), Discrete Mathematics, 308 (2008), 4293-4297

  4. The dissimilarity characteristic theorem for k-supertrees and its application (with B. Liu), Utilitas Mathematica, 73 (2007), 173-179.

  5. The study to the product summation of ordered partitions, (with Kang Wu, M. Liu, F. Huang), Journal Of South China Normal University (2005) 40-44.


Academic Presentations:
  1. Contractible graphs with respect to mod (2p + 1)-orientations, and chaired one section in 23rd MCCCC (23rd Midwest Conference on Combinatorics, Cryptography, and Computing), Oct. 3-4,2009.

  2. On s-hamiltonian-connected line graphs, MIGHTY XLVII (The 47th Midwest Graph Theory Conference), Illinois Institute of Technology, Nov. 8, 2008

  3. Multi-g base index of primitive anti-symmetric sign pattern matrices, MIGHTY XLIII (The 43rdMidwest Graph Theory Conference), Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, Nov. 3-4, 2006.


Awards and Honors:

  • Supplemental Teaching Fellowships for outstanding teaching assistant, 2009-2010 academic year, West Virginia University.

  • Summer Research Fellowship, summer 2009, West Virginia University.

  • HERF Supplemental Teaching Fellowships for excellent teaching assistants, 2008-2009 academic year, West Virginia University.