Department Research Interests

Department Research Interests

Applied Analysis

Name Specialization(s)
Harumi Hattori Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Finance, Conservation Laws and Shock Wave
Harry Gingold Discrete Finite Difference systems of Equations, Factorization of Power Series, Foundation (Geometry), Mathematical Cryptography, Optimization, Compactification, Ordinary Differential Systems of Equations, Asymptotics, Approximations, Turning point theory, Celestial Mechanics
Dening Li Partial Differential Equations, Shock Theory
Sherm Riemenschneider (Emeritus) Approximation Theory, Wavelets, Signal Processing
Charis Tsikkou Hyperbolic and Mixed Type Partial Differential Equations, Conservation Laws
Adrian Tudorascu Partial Differential Equations, Optimal Transport

Applied Mathematics

Name Specialization(s)
Ian Christie (Emeritus) Numerical Methods
Kyzysztof Ciesielski Image Processing
Marjorie Darrah Algorithm Development
Harvey Diamond Approximation, Spline Functions, Applied Probability
Zach Etienne General Relativity, Computational Astrophysics
Gary Ganser (Emeritus) Modeling, Data Analysis
Adam Halasz Mathematical Biology, Theoretical Physics, Swarm Robotics
Robert Mnatsakanov Applied probability, Approximation of functions from moments, Risk models
James Moseley (Emeritus) Modeling, Agglomeration in Particle Systems
Casian Pantea Mathematical biology, dynamical systems

Discrete Mathematics

Name Specialization(s)
John Goldwasser Combinatorics, Graph Theory
Henry Gould (Emeritus) Number Theory, Combinatorics, Special Functions
Hong-Jian Lai Graph Theory, Matroid Theory
Rong Luo Discrete Math
Michael Mays (Emeritus) Number Theory
Kevin Milans Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Partially Ordered Sets
Jerzy Wojciechowski Graph Theory, Combinatorics
Cun-Quan Zhang Graph Theory, Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Data Mining

Mathematics Education




Name Specialization(s)
Marjorie Darrah Educational Technology, Algorithm Development, K-12 Outreach
Jessica Deshler Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Gender Equity in Mathematics, Calculus Student Learning, Graduate Student Professional Development, SoTL in Mathematics.
Nicole Engelke Undergraduate Math Education, Calculus Student Learning, and Proof Learning
Laura Pyzdrowski Undergraduate Math Education, Cognitive Science, STEM Education, K-12 Outreach, Distance Learning, Instructional Technology
Vicki Sealey Undergraduate Math Education, Calculus Student Learning
David Miller Undergraduate Math Education, Cognitive Science, STEM Education


Name Specialization(s)
Ela Celikbas Commutative Algebra and Representation Theory
Olgur Celikbas Commutative Algebra, Homological Algebra, and Representation Theory
Krzysztof Ciesielski Set Theoretic Analysis, Topology
Jerzy Wojciechowski Algebra, Model Theory

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