MATH 771. Matroid Theory 1.

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This course usually follows with a second semester, Math 772, in the spring. Matroid theory emergies from the studies of graph theory, combinatorial optimization, industrial engineeringand studies of certain algebraic structures (linear independence and algebraic independence, for example) and has become an important and attractive branch of mathematics, both in theory and in applications. The objective of this sequence is to introduce to students the basics of matroid theory, including the following topics in the first semester: Independent sets and circuits, other matroid axiom systems, representations, duality theory, matroid minors, connectivity, and constructions. The second semester will be devoted to more advanced topics, including matroid connectivity, algebraic matroids over finite fields, decomposition of matroids, among others. Research front problems will be discussed. Research problem discussions will be focused on supereulerian matroids, and optimal matroid circuit covers