Renee LaRue Prospectus 12/1/2014

Students Understanding of Optimization Problems in First Semester Calculus.

Date: 12/1/2014
Time: 4:30PM-6:30PM
Place: 422 Armstrong Hall
*Special considerations

My research focuses on student understanding of optimization problems in first semester calculus. Optimization problems are complex word problems that require students to utilize prerequisite knowledge to construct a function that models a somewhat realistic situation and then use calculus techniques to find a maximum or minimum value. Using a blend of the theoretical perspectives of model-of/model-for and concept image and concept definition, I will describe how students learn and think about these problems and what barriers prevent them from developing a deep understanding of optimization.

*Everyone is invited to attend. Following the talk there will be an oral examination by her committee that is otherwise open only to graduate faculty that wish to attend in an observing capacity

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Fairouz Elmagbri Prospectus 11/17/2014

Nonparametric Estimation in Some Incomplete Models

Date: 11/17/2014
Time: 4:30PM-6:30PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

Fairouz Elmagbri

Abstract: Download

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Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is just around the corner and so is the annual Math Club Pumpkin
Carving Event! Remember, the event is BYOP (bring your own pumpkin), but there will be pumpkin carving materials provided at the event.

Date: 10/27/2014
Time: 5:00PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

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Club Meet

Math Club Organizational

Date: 9/15/2014
Time: 5:00PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

The first organizational meeting of Math Club will be next Monday,
September 15 at 5pm in ARM 315. All are welcome. If you are teaching
a class (especially one with math/engineering majors) and have a few
seconds to advertise it, that would be great.

This year, in addition to the usual social events, we will have regular
recreational math meetings-- for example, we may solve some Math
Monthly problems, discuss fun puzzles, etc.

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Todd Tichenor Qualifying Exam 9/2/2014

Graph Compositions of
"Dense" Graphs

Date: 09/2/2014
Time: 1:00PM-3:00PM
Place: 119 Armstrong Hall

Graph Compositions of "Dense" Graphs

Let G be a graph and let E(G) and V(G) represent the edge and vertex sets of G (respectively).
A composition of G is defined as a partition of V(G) into vertex sets of connected induced subgraphs of G.
We consider the number of compositions of complete graphs with certain families of graphs deleted
such as paths, cycles, stars, and sets of disjoint edges.

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Fall 2014 Graduate Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter for new graduate students can be found here or here.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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WVU hosts the 27th Cumberland Conference

Talks will be held Friday and Saturday, May 16 and May 17
in Oglebay and Ming Hsieh Halls

Please click Here for more information about the Cumberland Conference.

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Fatma Mohamed Qualifying Exam 4/15/14

Asymptotic decay for the
Cauchy problem for thin films

Date: 04/15/2014
Time: 2:30PM-5:00PM
Place: Rm G27, Eiesland Hall

*All are welcome.

Abstract: We study the evolution of a thin film of fluid modeled by the lubrication approximation for thin viscous films. We prove existence of (dissipative) strong solutions for the Cauchy problem when the subdiffusive exponent ranges between 3/8 and 2; then it follows that these solutions tend to zero at rates matching the decay of the source-type self-similar solutions with zero contact angle. Finally, we introduce the weaker concept of dissipative mild solutions and we show that in the case 0

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Ye Chen Dissertation Defense 4/2/2014

From Graph Coloring to
Receptor Clustering

Date: 04/2/2014
Time: 3:30PM-5:00PM
Place: 315, Armstrong Hall

All are welcome.

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Integration Bee Competition March 2014

First Annual Integration
Bee Contest

This will be an integration contest open to all WVU students.
All integrals can be solved by techniques of Math 156.

More information can be obtained from the following links.

Please direct questions/comments:
Casian Pantea:
Charis Tsikkou:

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