Professor Moseley 9/1/2011

I will be giving an undergraduate colloquium on Thursday
September 1, 2011 in Armstrong 315 at 3:30 to help everyone to
understand the "Linear Operator Theory" approach to Math 251 and Math
261. See attached. Not all in Math 251 and Math 261 is Linear Theory,
but enough is to make this approach reasonable, especially for the
engineers. About 90-99% of the students in Math 251 and Math 261 are
engineers. They need to know what a Linear System is from a mathematical
perspective. This begins with the definition of a vector space as an
abstract algebraic structure. Students (engineering and others) find
this hard, but math avoidance is not the answer. In my classes I am
trying to keep them from getting stuck in 3 space. (Please help me.
I'm stuck in 3 space and I can't get out.) The sooner they are exposed
to the Euclidean view of mathematics, the better. This does not
necessarily mean a lot of proofs. I do very few proofs. You and all
of your students are invited. If we overflow, we will move to Eiesland
G34 (the auditorium) provided I can figure out how to run the
technology. I have enough overheads for 2-3 hours. However, I have cut
it down to a 10-20 minute talk plus questions. Hope to see you there.

PDF for colloquium can be downloaded here

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The schedule of colloquia / seminars will be posted in August 2011.

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