Math Boot Camp

Math Boot Camp

What is Math Boot Camp (MBC)?

The WVU Mathematics Department is offering Math Bootcamp, an intensive noncredit bearing math workshop to help students place into a math class (MATH 122 or higher). The workshop provides small group instruction aimed to assist students with ALEKS remediation modules. Students participating in Math Bootcamp will work with instructors and tutors in their remediation modules prior to retaking the ALEKS placement test.

Who can sign up or take Math Boot Camp?

Bootcamp is available to students who have exhausted their two proctored ALEKS attempts and do not yet qualify for any math class via ALEKS or ACT/SAT or prerequisite math course. In Bootcamp, students work through their ALEKS learning modules in an intensive, instructor-led compressed time frame. After completion of Bootcamp, students will have access to two more final proctored attempts.
A student is not eligible for Bootcamp if they have placed into a Math course via ACT, SAT or ALEKS on a previous attempt.

Important Notes:

  • We have had success with MBC but participation of this program does not guarantee your placement or a seat in MATH 122 or MATH 126.
  • Students are permitted to participate in Math Boot Camp once.
  • The two placement attempts after Math Boot Camp are the final attempts for any student.

What are the Fees?

Item   Information   Cost
Math Boot Camp Fee   This fee must be paid upfront and is non-refundable.
You are not registered for MBC until this fee is paid.
This fee is used to pay tutors/instructors for assisting you.
ALEKS Testing Fee   *This fee is only required for students who have exhausted all of their proctored attempts
or no longer have access to their learning modules.

Spring 2019 Math Boot Camp Sessions

Session seating is limited, so you will need to register and pay early. Registration opens January 7, 2019.

Sessions   Date   Time   Registration Ends
Session 1   January 28, 29, 30, and 31, 2019   5:30pm - 9:30pm   January 22, 2019
Session 2   Febuary 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2019   5:30pm - 9:30pm   Febuary 4, 2019
Session 3   April 1, 2, 3, & 4, 2019   5:30pm - 9:30pm   March 31, 2019

Session 1: Registration Will Open January 7, 2019

Session 2: Registration Will Open January 7, 2019

Session 3: Registration Will Open January 7, 2019