Introduction and Basic Graphs

Dr. Laura J. Pyzdrowski


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About this Laboratory

In this laboratory, you will be introduced to a graphing utility. It is important that you become efficient at entering expressions and collecting information from tables and graphs using this Grapher. In order to help you develop your mathematical reasoning skills, the course will emphasize connections among numbers in tables, algebraic analysis, and graphs. In this laboratory, you will learn how to graphically and numerically find and/or approximate the coordinates of x-intercepts. It is important to familiarize yourself with the techniques of adjusting the viewing window. You will also explore important functions with which you should become familiar. They are the most basic functions used in algebra and will be used as building blocks for families of functions. It is necessary that you know their domains and ranges. You should be able to quickly recognize a graph and associate it with a function. You should also be able to sketch a graph given the equation of a basic function.

The" Do Later" exercises should be done after you have finished using the computer. As you progress, you will learn new technological techniques needed to complete future laboratories. You should begin a reference folder containing your completed labs. Bring the folder with you to the laboratory.