Chen, Ye

Currently Postdoc in National Institute of Health

And visiting in WVU


Contact me

Office: 304-451-5401


Systems Biology Core


Bethesda, MD, 20892



2008--present, Ph. D. in Mathematics, Graph Theory and its Applications (advisor: Hong-Jian Lai), Systems Biology (advisor: Adam M. Halasz), West Virginia University.

2005--2007,  MS in Mathematics, Ji Nan University, CN, Supervisor: Suo-Hai Fan

2001--2005,  BS in Mathematics, Shao Guan University


Professional Experience

Systems Biology Core, NHLBI, NIH

Postdoc fellow

June 2014 to present


NGS data analysis, Microbiome, Microarray data analysis. Network analysis tool development. Single cell sequencing data analysis and modeling.

Department of Mathematics       

West Virginia University  


Research Assistant

Spring 2013 to May 2014                    

Projects: Bilinear Methods in Solving Steady States of ODEs,

VEGF Clustering impacts on Signaling, and DNA haplotype


Teaching Assistant

Fall 2008 to Fall 2012


Responsible for teaching Calculus (1-3) for a total of 6 semesters. Team teaching pre-calculus for 2 semesters

Research Interests

Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Applications of Graph Theory in Systems Biology, Bioinformatics.


Courses Taught in WVU

Math 155 Calculus I Rec, Math 156 Calculus II, Math 251 Calculus III, Math 694 Professional Tools Seminar.



1. Erling Wei, Ye Chen, Ping Li, Hong-Jian Lai, Every N2-locally Connected Claw-free Graph with Minimum Degree at least 7 is Z3-connected, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, Volume 03, 193, 2011.

2. Ye Chen, Suohai Fan, Hong-Jian Lai, Huiming Song, Lei Sun, On Dynamic Coloring for Planar Graphs and Graphs of Higher Genus , Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol 160, Iss 7ĘC8, Pages 1064ĘC1071, 2012.

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6. Meghan McCabe Pryor*, Mara P. Steinkamp*, Adam M. Halasz, Ye Chen, Shujie Yang, Marilyn S. Smith, Gergely Zahoransky-Kohalmi, Mark Swift, Xiao-Ping Xu, Dorit Hanien, Niels Volkmann, Diane S. Lidkec, Jeremy S. Edwards, and Bridget S. Wilson, Orchestration of ErbB3 signaling through hetero and homo-interactions , Molecular Biology of the Cell, Vol27 Pages 231, Sept, 2015.

7. Ping Li, Hao Li, Ye Chen, Herbert Fleischner, Hong-Jian Lai, Supereulerian graphs with width s and s-collapsible graphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol 200, Pages 79-94, Feb, 2016.

8. M. Jubayer Rahman, Gwendoline Rahir, Matthew B. Dong, Yongge Zhao, Kameron Rodrigues, Chie Hotta-Iwamura, Ye Chen, Alan Guerrero, Kristin V. Tarbell , Despite increased type 1 IFN, autoimmune NOD mice display i 1 mpaired DC response to CpG and decreased nuclear localization of IFN-activated STAT1, Journal of Immunology,  2016 Mar 1;196(5):2031-40. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1501239.

9. Seth G Thacker, Abdalrahman Zarzour, Ye Chen, Mustafa S. Alcicek, Lita Freeman, Dennis O. Sviridov, Stephen Demosky, and Alan T. Remaley, High Density Lipoprotein reduces inflammation from cholesterol crystals by inhibiting inflammasome activation, Immunology, 2016 Nov;149(3):306-319. doi: 10.1111/imm.12638

10. Zhi-Hong Yang, Toshihiro Sakurai, Ye Chen, Beatrice Emma-Okon, Boris Vaisman, Milton Pryor, Yoshiyuki Wakabayashi, Zu-Xi Yu, Akiko Sakurai, Abdalrahman Zarzour, Alan T. Remaley, Long-chain monounsaturated fatty acid-rich fish oil attenuates the development of atherosclerosis in LDLR-deficient mice independent of changes in serum lipoproteins,  Molecular Nutrition & Food Research,  2016 Oct;60(10):2208-2218. doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201600142

11. Shouguo Gao, Nathaniel Wolanyk, Ye Chen, Shuang Jia, Martin J. Hessner, and Xujing Wang, Investigation of coordination and order in transcription regulation of innate and adaptive immunity genes in type 1 diabetes, BMC Medical Genomics, submitted.


Real Analysis -- old PhD entrance exam solutions by 2009, for your study only.


Math 694 Professional Tools Seminar ĘC Matlab

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