Quantitative Reasoning Assessment

Quantitative Reasoning Assessment

If you are a student or an advisor on campus you may click here for QRA results.

Location/What to Bring

All students must have a picture i.d. Please know your MyI.D. and student ID number as well. Also, please bring a pencil, since no calculators are allowed.

SPRING 2016 Schedule

Students DO NOT need to register.

 Date   Time   Location
Friday, January 8th   Any time between 10:00AM - 6:00PM   303 Armstrong Hall
Sunday, January 10th   Any time between 1:00PM -6:00PM   303 Armstrong Hall
Monday, January 11th   Any time between 3:30PM - 6:00PM   421 Armstrong Hall
Wednesday, January 13th   Any time between 2:30PM - 6:00PM   421 Armstrong Hall
Thursday, January 14th   Any time between 4:40PM - 7:00PM   421 Armstrong Hall
Friday, January 15th   Any time between 12:00PM - 3:00PM   303 Armstrong Hall

About the QRA (Formerly the Math Placement Exam)

The QRA is given in two parts.

PART 1: Basic Algebra -- 25 questions that cover material at the level of high school algebra

PART 2: Calculus Readiness -- 25 questions that cover material from high school algebra II and trigonometry

Each part is 30 minutes long. In any given session, you can expect to have enough time ( 1 hour ) to complete one attempt for each part. Reviewing for the exam is not necessary but if you wish to do so the material from any college algebra course such as the text by Sullivan would be appropriate for the basic algebra portion and any precalculus text would cover material from the calculus readiness test.

Please click here to find out more about the type of questions found on the exam.

NOTE: You may only take the QRA a total of two times.


QRA for Chemistry Students

**If you have taken the QRA twice and you have completed and passed a Math class, you may take the QRA a third time for Chemistry placement only. You must email QRA@math.wvu.edu to request the third try for Chemistry.

Please note that the Math Department does not maintain the QRA requirements for Chemistry.

Contact chemistry if you have any questions regarding these policies at 304 293-3435 or email: Chemistry@mail.wvu.edu


If you have a math SAT score below 540 or a math ACT score below 22 you must take the QRA for placement into MATH 126 (College Algebra) or above.

To be eligible to enroll in the following courses without taking the QRA you must have:

  ACT of at least OR SAT of at least
Math 126A   22   540
Math 126B   24   560
Math 129   26   580
Math 150   26   580
Math 153   27   600
Math 155   28   630

To place by taking the QRA, please view the charts below.

Basic Algebra (Part 1)
Score   Placement
Not Required   Math 121
Less than 10 out of 25   Math 122
10 or 11 out of 25   Math 126 A (5 day)
12 or higher out of 25   Math 126 B (4 day)
15 or higher out of 25   Math 129

Calc Readiness (Part 2)
Basic Algebra (Part 1 Score)   Calc Readiness (Part 2 Score)   Placement
15 or higher out of 25   9 or higher out of 25   Math 150
16 or higher out of 25   10 or higher out of 25   Math 153
17 or higher out of 25   16 or higher out of 25   Math 155

Please send any questions and/or comments to: QRA@math.wvu.edu