Actuarial Club

Actuarial Club

The Math Department at WVU has an Actuarial Student Club that meets each week during the regular semester to hold group study sessions. The mission of the Actuarial Student Club is to bring students who are interested in actuarial science at WVU together, provide support in preparing for the actuarial exams, invite professionals from consulting firms and insurance companies locally and nationwide to give a talk, and build networks that help students and graduates find internships and employment opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the Actuarial Student Club, or need additional information, please feel free to email the Actuarial Student Club at with any questions.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Fang Yang (

Actuarial Exams

In order to be competitive in the current job market, you must pass at least one actuarial exam before graduation. These exams do not need to be taken in any particular order, but most of the latter exams rely heavily on material covered in both Exams P/1 and FM/2. For more information on becoming an actuary, registering for preliminary exams, exam study materials, and more, please visit any of the following websites.
Useful Websites

Be An Actuary ( -- find details about what an actuary is, what they do on the job, how to get started down this career path, requirements/listings for actuary positions and internships, etc.

Society of Actuaries ( -- find details about exam testing dates and study materials, the levels of progression through the actuarial career ladder, continuing professional development requirements/offerings, VEE credit requirements, etc.

Casualty Actuarial Society ( -- find details about exam testing dates and study materials, seminars and online education opportunities, view publications and research in the actuary field, etc.

Actuarial Outpost -- actuarial discussion forum ( You’ll find many practice problems there.

Actuary Grads Network ( - An actuarial community with information for Undergraduates, Graduates & Alumni.

2018-2019 OFFICERS

Position   Person   Email
President   Dustin Freeman
Vice-President   Collin Flood
Treasurer   Tanner Mann
Secretary   Sebastiano Inturrisi
Faculty Advisor   Fang Yang


Name   2018-2019 Dates   Time   Planned Activity
Meeting #1   August. 24   3:30PM 313 Armstrong Hall   Organize Events
Meeting #2   September 7   3:30PM 313 Armstrong Hall   SoA Practice Session
Meeting #3   September. 14   3:30PM 313 Armstrong Hall   SoA Practice Session
Invited Speaker   October. 19   3:30PM 315 Armstrong Hall   Liang Hong
Special Event   November 3   Armstrong Hall   High School Actuarial Day @WVU
Meeting #4   January 25   3:00PM 415 Armstrong Hall   Organize Events
Meeting #5   February 22   3:30PM 415 Armstrong Hall   Collin Flood presentation
Meeting #6   March 1   3:00PM 415 Armstrong Hall   Organize Events
Meeting #7   March 22   3:30PM 415 Armstrong Hall   Dr. Sungwon Ahn


2018 Kickoff Meeting

2019 Kickoff Meeting